Personalizing Education

Our learning & assessment solutions for K-12 schools, empower educators with data and insights and enables them to achieve adaptive and personalized teaching.

schools and growing


teachers’ instruction hours saved in 2018


student practice hours in 2018


Efficient resource allocation and effective time management can save up to 27% of teachers time

Using the app, retrieve insightful artificial intelligence powered reports

Digitizing the school’s
content and generating customized reports

Plan personalized instruction and assessment processes for each student

Pioneering instruction and assessment methods

Guidance and consultation for the planning and scheduling goal-driven processes that advance academic achievements

Tools and solutions that save serious time previously invested in test-checking, assessment, and manual student mapping


  • Up-to-the-minute, multilevel information on school performance and achievements.

  • Unbiased regional comparison between schools.

  • Proven higher regional achievements.

  • Informed decision-making based on real, immediate, and objective data-driven analytics from multiple sources.

  • Educational continuum and better preparation for students transitioning from elementary to middle school, and from middle school to high school.

  • Distribution of differential resources between schools.


Immediate feedback

Varied learning, testing,
and assessment options

Development of ICT (information and communication technologies) literacy

Personal commitment and ownership over learning

A digital portfolio

Personalized learning


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Vicky Abraham, Language Coordinator

TIME-TO-KNOW’s tool is fantastic! It has everything we need to cultivate, advance, and enhance diversity, sense of achievement, feedback, as well as a meaningful, differential, and experiential learning.


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